Chadwick International

Chadwick International
Palos Verdes California
Contact: @garymdonahue (twitter)

School Description
Chadwick School, founded in 1935 by visionary educator Margaret Lee Chadwick, sits atop a hill on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles County, CA. The only K-12 independent, college preparatory day school in the greater South Bay area, Chadwick currently enrolls approximately 825 students. Our 45-acre campus provides a beautiful and safe setting conducive to serious study, vigorous play and companionship among friends.

Solar/wind turbine with 3D printed turbine blades: Grade 5
Solar/wind turbine with 3D printed turbine blades: Grade 5

Description of Maker Space
Our Makerspace is completing its 5th year in operation which I think qualifies for grandfather status in Makerspace years. Two years ago we completely rebuilt the space from scratch and took that opportunity to add:

  • Custom built stainless steel tables
  • Mobile industrial storage units
  • Heavy duty shelving to hold 100 in-progress student projects
  • 4 Sinks
  • 2 student work benches with hand tools
  • Epilog Laser Cutter
  • 3 Makerbots 3D Printers
  • Air filtration Solutions (One for laser cutter, additional VOC/HEPA
  • for the room, and air purifying plants)
  • Dedicated safe cutting areas
  • Extensive consumable materials area
  • Projection/sound system
  • Bank of 12 laptops
  • Tile flooring with in-floor data/power links
  • Extensive robotics and physical computing
  • Mannequins for fashion design
  • Extensive art supplies

Description of Program
Experiential learning has long been a key institutional focuses at Chadwick and our Makerspace very much fits into a continue extension of that educational goal. 80% of the activity in the space is curriculum driven in that our Resident Makers co-create design briefs with grade levels & single subject teachers. Faculty members co-teach in the space with our Resident Makers. Students spend on average 6 weeks (3-4hrs a week) scheduled during regular classroom time to work on a given design brief(s). After school programs, exploratories, and faculty in-service/projects make up the remains 20% of usage.

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Examples of How the Space is Being Used
Given our Makerspace is designed to allow the broadest possible amount of projects we try to create design briefs that allow for a broad scope of possibilities. Overall popular & showcase projects include:


  1. Green energy: Solar wind powered vehicles/kinetic sculptures, wind turbines)
  2. Coded objects (lamps, furniture, utensils)
  3. 3D printed everything with lots of accessories for small scale
  4. mannequins
  5. Hydraulic powered creations
  6. Lego EV3 Mindstorm creations (sensor driven recycle bins, bluetooth controlled home blinds, egg hatching alerts for school farm.
  7. Scratch with LegoWeDo / Scratch board creations
  8. Makeblock with Ardunio


  1. Classroom lamp
  2. Shade structures
  3. Reading cubbies
  4. Interactive clocks
  5. Display cases
  6. Laser cut signs and classroom materials.

Future Plans
We are adding two additional Makerspaces to meet the demand in our growing middle and upper schools. Add a number of mobile stations for expanding Makerspace activities beyond a single room. Double our efforts in expanding our consumable materials area. Add additional 3D printers and digital fabrication equipment.


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