How to Participate in Gallery of Independent School Maker Spaces

As part of the 2015 NAIS Annual Conference, there will be an interactive Makerspace where attendees can explore aspects of this new movement in education. As part of that experience, I am assembling what I hope will be the start of a larger project- a Gallery of Independent School Maker Spaces. This Gallery will have a static presence at the conference as well as an online presence for those not able to attend. It is my hope that this will eventually become a useful resource for schools across the country as they explore what other schools are doing in the work of Making and Makerspaces.

Please follow the steps below if you would like your school included in this gallery.

  2. Take a moment to gather the information below and enter it into the Google Form linked here (
  3. Take images of your space(s). Feel free to include students in those images if that is allowed by your school. Certainly take images of some of the work produced by your students. People will also be very interested in the physical space, layout and equipment you currently have in your space. Please keep your image file selection to 10 to 15 images max. The maximum file size for upload it 75MB so try to stay south of there.
  4. Place all the images into a single folder along with a school logo image (if you desire) and create a ZIP file that can be uploaded to a drop site. Check to make sure the total file size is less that 75MB.
  5. Make an index of your images by file name and provide a brief caption for each image. If you match the file name with the caption, I should be able to match things up on this end. You will enter this information in the last question of the Google Form for this project. If you have any videos of your space in action living online, feel free to include the static URL’s to those in this space on the Google Form. If possible, I will try to link them into different aspects of this project.
  6. Upload your image ZIP file (Less than 75MB) to and enter Password: email to get the password to upload your file.

That is it. Thank you for your contribution to what I hope will grow into a very useful resource for the greater independent school community.

Preview of Survey Questions– Use to prepare your answers then copy and paste into the Google Form

School Name:
School Location (City and State):
School Website:
MakerSpace Website (If you have one):
Contact Email (This is for me to follow up if I have questions about your submission):

Description of School
Provide a brief description of your school. This may be something taken directly from your school profile as listed on your schools website. Please let us know about the structure of your school (number of students, single gender, coed, grade structures, location, philosophy of education, mission or anything else you feel paints an accurate description of your school. Try to keep description to about 250 words

Description of maker space
Write a short description of your schools makerspace(s). This should focus on the physical space(s). Please keep your description to about 350 words.

Description of program
Write a short description of your program(s) that use your maker space(s). This description should focus on the different ways the space is used, the different members of your community that use the space(s), the philosophy of the program and or how the program fits within the school. Please keep your description to about 350 words.

Examples of how the space is being used
Describe the types of projects that are being created in your space(s). This is a place to celebrate the creativity of your students and faculty. Please keep your description to about 350 words.

Future Plans
What are the school’s future plans for the makerspace(s) and programs? What do you see as the next steps for your school? Try to keep description to about 250 words

Index of Images
Please provide a brief photo caption for each image you have included in your zip file of images. Make sure you include the file name next to each caption so they can be matched.

Feel free to use this space to add any additional information you feel is helpful in understanding your space(s), school etc. Use this space to add information that does not fit in other areas on this form. This is also where you can add additional information such as additional websites, additional contact info.


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