AC Community Archive

6Want to have some fun? Take a walk through back in history as you look at NAIS Annual Conference Online Communities from the past. these sites. Each of these sites was created for a specific conference year. Much of the content is still available. However, content that is linked outside of the community sites may have changes so you may find links that are broken. Additionally, some of the content was developed to automatically feed to the community sites from community members engaged in the community at that time. Some of this content may no longer be feeding relevant content. This is the nature of these type of environments. These communities were created to remain active for three to four months then become an artifact of the moment that passed. That being said, you can get a great view of the major topics and areas of concern over the past 5 years.


Dare to Explore and Discover
Orlando, FL






Revolutionary Traditions, Think Big, Think Great
Philadelphia, PA






INNOVATION: Imagine, Invent, Inspire, Dream
Seattle, WA






Monumental Opportunities: Advancing Our Public Purpose
Washington D.C.






Adapt, Survive, Thrive: Unleashing the superpowers within
San Francisco, CA




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