The Daily Find: March 2, 2015

The Daily Find (TDF) is a feature of the NAISAC Online Community. Content comes from features, events and themes related to this year’s conference in Boston and from the community of independent school bloggers and NAISAC 2015 Twitter Community.

As you continue to reflect on the past week, you are encouraged to share with the greater community your experiences at this year’s NAIS conference, your “Ah Ha!” moments, the big “take aways” resources shared and anything else you feel would be of interest to the greater community. If you maintain a personal blog, please send the link of any NAIS reflections to and also Tweet it out with the tag #naisac and mention of @naisac15. That will help me get these distributed to the greater community. If you do not have a blog, fear not as there is a way for you to participate as well. Simply write your reflection in any word processor then send the text to and I will make sure it gets posted on the community site with attribution. Please include your name and your school.

NAISAC Online Community Site
The following are new posts in the NAISAC Online Community at

Liz Davis
We built it, but not many came…How do we reinvigorate teachers unplugged?
This is the fourth year that I have helped to organize the Teachers Unplugged session at NAISAC. This is a participant driven session in which the attendees propose and vote on topics for discussion and then we sit at round tables and have…MORE

Mark Crotty
Affirmation through absence: Thoughts on #NAISAC 2015
I’m writing this post somewhat out of guilt. I had been honored to be selected as one of the official bloggers for the NAIS Annual Convention this year. But I ended up…MORE

Lorri Carroll
My top takeaways from #NAISAC 2015…And wishes for #NAISAC 2016.
Since I take public notes on twitter, my top takeaways will be my tweets or retweets of others. These are the things that will hopefully stick with me long after NAISAC 2015…MORE

Chris Bigenho
The inaugural NAISAC interactive makerspace- Fun for all!
I have now been working in partnership with NAIS since 2008 and have worked on a variety of interesting projects. This year, working with Amy Ahart from NAIS, we wanted to try something new and landed on the idea of…MORE.

Community Bloggers

Derrick Willard
2015 NAIS Annual Conference Reflections: Designing the Revolution
I had the good fortune to attend the 2015 NAIS Annual Conference in Boston this week.  The theme was “Designing the Revolution.” Note a conference goal for attendees was…MORE

Larry Kahn
Let’s Keep the Conversations of Mindfulness Going

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