My Top Takeaways from #naisac 2015…and wishes for #naisac 2016

01619482f096a67c9a3f66e52346bdaa3c9795872dSince I take public notes on twitter, my top takeaways will be my tweets or retweets of others. These are the things that will hopefully stick with me long after NAISAC 2015.

Here is my Storify of all my tweets from the conference.

Thanks to those administrators who came to Admin Unplugged and had honest and real conversations in our quest to make our schools a better place for our students. You are the forward thinking, approachable leaders who will surely  be instrumental in designing the revolution!

Thanks also to all the #isedchat folks who came to Summer Shack! Loved connecting. 018f787e9258d26140ad9ce64c4719be8335f54d52

For NAISAC 2016,  I wish for:

  • more opportunities for conversations
  • less PowerPoints
  • ways to connect with people in similar positions
  • ways to be an active participant in sessions, instead of being a passive receiver of information.
  • a live twitter stream during speakers so participant’s questions can be answered.

Thanks NAIS for an amazing conference.   Until next year! 🙂


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