Wednesday Winding up to the Opening of NAISC Tomorrow!

This is my second day in Boston. The day started with a beautiful cloud free morning and a great meeting (always too short) with the 21st century curriculum and technology task force. We are working on the name but that is who we are at the moment. What a great group of passionate educators! I am honored to be a member of such a group.

This year my Wednesday of the conference was very different as I am also orchestrating the construction of the NAIS interactive makerspace. This means that the rest of Wednesday was spent setting up this makerspace. It also means that I was not able to make the rounds to all of the other cool workshops that took place today. So, if you attended any of these, have pictures or want to submit a blog or reflection, please do so and send me the text or the link to your post and I will make sure we get it posted here as well. Any pictures and video would also be awesome!

The NAIS MakerSpace project has been fun to think about and it is great to see it come to life. I must make a HUGE shout out to Jonathan Schmid and Chris Lindsey from the Meadowbrook School of Weston MA for their help today and for being so gracious to supply much of the 3D printing, robotics and cool student projects. Others from Meadowbook will also be working the space over the next two days. They will be joined by individuals from other schools who are amazing educators who are passionate about the world of “making” as a way of learning. The NAIS MakerSpace will be a place you will want to visit and experience multiple times over the next two days. There is much to see and do so make sure you swing by.

Here are a few images I was able to capture during the day.


For those who missed the “Brisk Walk Through” of the Exhibit Hall, here is your chance to see what the hall looked like about 24 hours from opening. What a transformation it will be!

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