Building Out NAISAC 2015

Welcome to NAIS 2015!
Welcome to NAIS 2015!

I have just landed in Boston and had an easy flight and cab ride to the conference site. It is amazing to see how Boston has responded to the snow. While I hear it is a sight to be seen in the more remote regions of the town, the trip from the airport to Boston was smooth. However, the cab driver did say to plan on extra time when you need to return.

I always enjoy getting on site early to capture some of the build out of the conference. It is always amazing to see how design on paper is realized as design on site. As you pack your bags and make all of the last minute arrangements, the ones we all need to make when we are going to be gone for several days, NAIS Annual Conference 2015 is being assembled.

Here is a quick preview. You can see spaces “in the raw” and imagine the conversations and experiences you will have when you get here. It is strange to see large hallways void of human interaction and conversations. This of course will start to change tomorrow and crescendo over three days as we share and discuss the revolution that is the world of innovative education. What conversations will you have when you arrive? What will you learn? What will you share with others? Time to pack it up and get to Boston to Design the Revolution: Blending Learning, Leading and Innovation.

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