GEAR UP for #NAISAC 2015 and download the app TODAY!

photo 1It’s almost here– NAIS AC 2015! While we have about 7 feet of snow waiting for us when we arrive, Boston is an awesome city and a great place for independent school educators to gather for this year’s annual conference:

Design the Revolution: Blending Learning, Leading and Innovation.

Before you get here, my biggest tip… DOWNLOAD the APP…Do it TODAY! Right now!

I remember feeling overwhelmed with the program book a few years back. I had a hard time figuring out my schedule, reading through descriptions and speaker info, and getting up to date information on any changes. I had to dig it out of my bag each time. Ugh!

Well… no more! The app organizes presentations by time slot, allows you to organize your schedule, track exhibitors, get info about presenters and sessions, follow conference tweets, and much more! It continues to refresh and update as presenters add speaker notes and or any info changes about a session. It’s all organized for you in an awesome calendar view… AND it fits in the palm of your hand! You are not going to get that from the printed book! photo 3

I have been reading through the descriptions trying to plan my days and I realize that, as usual, I have a huge problem. I want to be in three places at once during several time slots. Not a bad problem to have.

SO… an exciting week lies ahead. I am ready for the learning, connecting, and sharing… and brain overload. Bring it on!

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