The Daily Find Feb 9, 2015

The Daily Find (TDF) is a feature of the NAISAC Online Community. Content comes from features, events and themes related to this year’s conference in Boston and from the community of independent school bloggers and NAISAC 2015 Twitter Community.

Learn how you can participate in the online community for the 2015 NAIS Annual Conference in Boston. Everything you need to know is found here.


Peter Gow
Designing Boston: When you think “Boston”, what comes to mind might not exactly be a sleek, futuristic vision of a city. The streetlights and [MORE]

Chris Bigenho
Join the Gallery of MakerSpaces
This year we will have an interactive makerspace in the exhibit hall just outside the NAIS Bookstore. Additionally, we are starting to assemble a gallery of independent school makerspaces. You can join Berkeley Preparatory School and University Child Development School in the Independent School MakerSpace Gallery.[MORE]


Chris Thinnes
What if K-12 Education were more like Preschool?
The other day, a colleague and I preparing for a conference workshop gave ourselves some time to ask ourselves a number of the 30,000-foot questions we rarely take the time to ask. I found myself fascinated by how rarely in our national dialogue about K-12 school reform – dominated by a myopic, nostalgic, and restrictive construct of “college readiness” [MORE]

Chris Bigenho
Connecting Knowledge through Experiential Education at Greenhill: The History and Science of our First National Park
Take a stroll through any major university and you can find great halls and facilities dedicated to the teaching of specific disciplines. K-12 schools start to look that way as you move through the upper grades. You can find classrooms where the beauty of mathematics is shared with students. English and History is [MORE]

Joel Garza
An Authentic Audience: Lit Genius and SoundCloud
My class, for years, for better or worse, has been mine. I’m not sure how to think about this autonomy. On certain days, this autonomy can lead a teacher to be complacent—leaning on this student to keeping the discussion alive, allowing that student to say nothing (yet docking her points in a gradebook for her complacency). On some days, like many teachers, I needed somebody to tell me that I [MORE]

Sarah Barton Thomas
Bored and Brilliant Follow-UP
Saturday was the last day of the New Tech City Bored and Brilliant project. I was deeply ensconced in edcamp Maryland so I did not participate in last day’s challenge nor did I really do the observational challenge. However, I did take several of the challenges quite seriously and was really interested in the results.[MORE]

Cecily Stock
Education’s Role in Raising Ethical Digital Citizens
At the January 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas — a gathering of more than 160,000 technology trade association members looking for a piece of the $208 billion U.S. consumer electronics industry — there was a lot of buzz about new products for kids. [MORE]

This is an automated daily news paper that is created from the information shared by members of the NAISAC15 Twitter community. As members of the community share resources and ideas through Twitter, they are aggregated and categorized then presented as a daily paper.


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