The Daily Find: Feb. 4, 2015

The Daily Find (TDF) is a feature of the NAISAC Online Community. Content comes from features, events and themes related to this year’s conference in Boston and from the community of independent school bloggers and NAISAC 2015 Twitter Community.

Learn how you can participate in the online community for the 2015 NAIS Annual Conference in Boston. Everything you need to know is found here.

  • You can add your blog to the feed by sending your name, school, job title and link to your blog to



Peter Gow
Boston is getting ready! [LINK]

Chris Bigenho
Gallery of Independent School Maker Spaces [LINK]
What will you learn, share, see this year at NAISAC 2015? [LINK]
Participate in Gallery of Independent School Maker Spaces [LINK]



Jared Colley
More on learning as a community: How Google Docs can redefine the roles of class discussion for teachers and shy kids alike [LINK]

Beth Holland
4 tips to transform your learning spaces (Behind the scenes info) [LINK]

Jed Dioguardi
Why we should all learn coding- Infographic [LINK]

Jennifer Carey
Design thinking with iPads [LINK]

Eric from GOA
On teaching online: How to begin [LINK]


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