NAIS 2015 Annual Conference Online Community is Now Open!

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Greetings and welcome to the NAIS 2015 Annual Conference Online Community. Today we launch another year of powerful and engaging conversations focused around topics related to the conference theme of Design the Revolution: Blending Learning, Leading, and Innovation. YOU are the focus of this community. We welcome you to another engaging year. Here are a few things for you to do to get started.

  1. ReadAbout the Community
  2. ReadHow to Participate
  3. Follow or Bookmark the FRONT DOOR  to this community
  4. JoinNAIS Connect Annual Conference Community
  5. SUBSCRIBE to the community twitter list
  6. USE#NAISAC hashtag for all tweets related to this year’s community and conference.
  7. Follow theTwitter Account for @naisac15
  8. Follow the Storify account for the NAISAC 2015 Online Community

The Daily Find start’s with several posts per week moving to a daily schedule as we approach the conference. During the 3 to 4 days surrounding the conference, you will likely see multiple posts as community members post their reflections and experiences. Feel free to add your post as well by sending them to

You can learn more about submitting blog entries by visiting the Blog Submission Instructions link. While on the topic of blogs, you may also want to look over the list of independent school bloggers. This is an impressive list of educators sharing their experiences and ideas with the community. If you would like to add your blog to this list follow the blog submission instructions.

I am personally looking forward to a wonderful year of great conversations both online and in Boston. So, let the dialogue begin as we look to Design the Revolution.


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